Welcome to Bad Berneck

This small Kneipp’s health resort, boasting particularly good air, is attractively situated – only 15 km from Bayreuth – in the picturesque valley of the Ölschnitz River and on the White Main, surrounded by wooded hills.

Castle ruins and the historical market square, overlooked by an ancient tower, romantic lanes and old buildings, bear witness to the long, changing and often grand history of the town.
Enjoy promenading through the spa park with its wonderful plants and colonnades, a reminder of the nostalgic flair of the nineteenth century!

Bad Berneck offers its guests virtually ideal conditions for a most pleasant shorter or longer stay. You can enjoy a healthy holiday or just a relaxing break in charming hotels, guest-houses and B&B’s and get to know the fine Franconian cuisine.

Whether you want to hike, cycle, do other kinds of sport or discover the diverse beauty spots in the Fichtelgebirge as well as the nearby historical monuments, Bad Berneck is an excellent point of departure for all these activities.

Bayreuth, the city of the annual Richard Wagner Festival, the baroque opera-house and the margrave castles and parks, is not far away. Bamberg, “the Bavarian Rome,” Coburg as the cradle of nobility in Europe, together with many other classical sights, are also within easy reach.

In Bad Berneck itself, many traditional open-air festivals, music and theatre performances represent small but fine highlights in the town’s rich cultural life. The renowned “Kunststrasse“ („Art Road“), designed mainly by regional artists, leads through the Old Town to the pleasantly situated “Alter Kindergarten” Cultural Centre.

Nowhere else are there a greater number of restaurants in the Fichtelgebirge area than here. The market square, surrounded by cosy and inexpensive guest-houses and restaurants, is a centre of Franconian hospitality. As of late January, gourmets look forward to the famous so-called “Brezen-Wochen,” when each week a different restaurant serves up special regional dishes during a six-week “speciality marathon.”

Surrounded by hills with beautiful mixed forests, Bad Berneck has been renowned for many years as a health resort with particularly good air which is of especial benefit to the respiratory system. Nowadays the many plants and herbs to be found here are utilized in the “Edible Fichtelgebirge Project”, in which various local restaurant proprieters also participate. Guided tours and talks about herbs are often on offer and form part of our Kneipp’s cure, which is still one of the most effective forms of the art of healing in Europe. Our new preventive health programmes now also include the Symbiontic Cure based on naturopathic methods which, with the aid of information medicine, serves to stimulate in particular one’s self-healing process.

Offering as it does this varied range of activities and services, Bad Berneck is on the way to becoming a modern health resort where you can actively choose what you need for your individual well-being.

Do contact us if you would like to have any further information. We look forward to helping you spend a memorable and pleasant stay in Bad Berneck and meeting your every wish.